Coffee to-go is since a couple of years a world-wide phenomenon. Picking up a coffee before going to work, duiring the lunch brake, on a walk through town ... which is producing beside the fabolous convenience a lot of garbage. In order to enjoy an environmentally friendly coffee several maker beside coffee chain stores offer mugs in differents sizes. Some of them can be personalized by changing the paper inbetween the double walls of the mug.

The simplicity of the MUJI mug caught my eye and I thought that giving it a personal touch with a Kimono fabric cover would be a good 'Japanese' design approach. The possibilities are endless ( there is still a lot of fabric in the drawers !! ).

Every personalized BCOME mug inlay is a handmade unique product and one-of-a-kind! Drink your coffee in style and enjoy other beverages with the special something!

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