Home made crispy Rye Baguette + Liver Pâté / Cucumber Pickles
Home made crispy Rye Baguette + Cream Cheese / Tomato
Simple home made Maki Sushi - cucumber / tuna mayonaise
Tarako / Lemon / Mayonaise Somen
Tofu / Soramame flavored with Ume-Katsuo
Tofu / Tomato flavored with home made Shiso-Pesto
Cucumber / Quailegg + Ikura
Sashimi Tuna / Avocado flavored with Yuzukosho, wrapped in a slim Cucumber slice
Simple Puff Pastry sticks with black sesame
Sausages wrapped in Puff Pastry + flavored with Estragon Mustard / Ketchup / Kumin

Once again BCOME moved the creative production into the kitchen in order to do some party catering. The finger food was a mix of Western and Japanese appetizers as a reflection of the expected party guests.
Beside the mini Quiches and the Puff Pastry wrapped Sausages everything was cold due to the hot Summer evening.

The catering was planned for 20 - 25 guests and beside that I gained definitely some new muscles when I carried everything - including half of the dinnerware and the food - to the party location, it was a lot of fun!

So in case you are living in Tokyo and are planing a party, just drop me a line and we can talk about possible menus aso. BCOME has not a professional cooking background but a lot of love and creativity and enthusiasm is in every (finger) food which leaves the kitchen!

Let's enjoy a quality time with your friends and beloved and good food!
Mini Quiche with Curd Cheeze dough + Salmon / Spinach
Mini Quiche with Curd Cheeze dough + Bacon / Spinach
Oriental Meatballs with a fresh oriental Yoghurt dipp
Salmorejo - fresh Spanish Tomato soup
The buffet ready to be concered !

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  1. おいしそう!プレゼンテーションもすてき!

  2. ありがとう!皆さんは楽しく食べてくれたので、嬉しかったです!


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