BCOME a BLOG - KISS'N little dining

Work makes hungry, so it was just natural, that BCOME discovered KISS'N little dining, an Italian restaurant with splendid food and a sweet chef!
Chatting over antipasto, pasta and good wine, the idea of a blog was born, to present all the delicious things you can get at this cute little restaurant.

Working together with a photographer, BCOME is now responsible for the design of KISS'Ns internet presence ... and can assure you, that everything is really so tasty as it looks like!

So come and have some Pasta ( my big fav are the spinach / meat sauce Tagliatelle - ほうれん草のミート・ソースタリアテッレ ... although honestly, I can't decide 'cause everything tastes just beautiful!! ) or something else and treat yourself with gooood food!!

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