With a background in architecture, interior has been always one of BCOMEs favorite feelds, especially when it comes to housing interior.

Living in Japan since a couple of years, BCOME was ever since confronted with the problem of minimal space and the fact that when you are renting a flat creativity regarding renovation / changes is limited by regulations. Painting the walls ( get used to the wall paper or BCOME creative ), drilling wholes in the walls ( pictures or furniture BCOME a challenge ), changing the flooring ( start loving the existing one or BCOME creative ) ... all this is restricted!

Working with a small budget and not willing to give the landlord a renovation gift by raising the value of the flat with a cool renovation ( 'cause you won't be supported in 99% of the cases ) makes it even more a creative challenge ... but not impossible!

Japan has got beside a long history of beautiful design a lot to offer when it comes to work on small spaces. BCOMEs recommendations are definitely MUJI and 100YEN SHOPS, as well as of course IKEA which is not really Japanese but now also on the market after several years of absence.


Compact living

Flower arrangement 01
Flower arrangement 02
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