After these past month our concern and worry continue for Japan.

Much of the Japanese population continues to suffer in the wake of three devastating events from the effects of earthquakes, tsunami and the nuclear disaster.

Many of us find our hearts are with the families and friends we love, including with those in all the cities and towns across this special and great country.

It’s very difficult for most of us to imagine what it must be like to find oneself in such a circumstance. Though we know what it feels like, when we hear that people are thinking about us at such a difficult time.

The main focus of this site is to provide a place for all to post as many photos of you with the Tohoku heart and by doing so we are able to show people that we continue to hold them in our thoughts and we haven’t forgotten.

Thanks for being part of this!

Four easy steps to show that you care:

01 Download heart from website
02 print it off
03 Take a pic of yourself with the heart
04 Upload the pic onto the website









01 サイトより「心は共に」をダウンロードして下さい
02 印刷して下さい
04 写真をサイトにアップロードしてください 

This project is a teamwork by BCOME, Patrick Boos, 春海, Oliver, PTT, Alberto + . We all come from different countries, but what brings us together is our love and concern for Japan and the Japanese people, our families and friends, those who are struggling in the North, who have lost their beloved ones and those who are still figthing in the nuclear plants of Fukushima, risking their health and lives for all of us. 

Please support us, this project, Japan and the Japanese people - now we all have to stand together and KOKORO WA TOMO NI 心は共に shall work as a plattform to show your / our concern and that our thoughts are with all the people in Tohoku, the Nothern part of Japan, but also everybody else who lives in this country.
Thank you very much! どうもありがとうございます! Vielen Dank! Muchas gracias!


MAIL ADDRESS CHANGE !! BCOME got a new mail address, so in case you have got any question please contact us via info(at)bcome(dot)jp .


Tataaaa !!! BCOME can now also be found on facebook. So why don't you become a fan and stay updated ?!

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