While sitting in my tiny mini small office with windchill factor 35°C (although Tokyo 'just' 'pampered' us with 30°C ... already more than 60 days in a row) I suddenly thought I should post some questions, I was recently thinking of,  on BCOME.

What do you think of BCOME? Is there anything you would like to see or been created?

Being busy right now with several projects I can't show here, this 'showcase' of BCOME became a bit silent during the last time. So I started thinking, I should ask - in case some people are checking out (hopefully) BCOME from time to time, what they, what you feel about BCOME.

Feedback is always a great help and keeps one going to create new things ... so, why not giving it a try and asking such questions, hoping for response. So, in case you are reading this and have something on your mind, feel free to use the comment function (marked in the pic with the red circle)  and drop me a line. Thanks a lot in advance - 宜しくお願い致します!

2 Kommentare:

  1. Anonym9/23/2010

    Hi, first off I've been following your blog for several months now and I noticed that you haven't been as active as before. Its good to hear that your busy creating and have projects lined up. Hope you get to share your new works soon. I really like the DIY entries especially with the milk boxes. Thank you for those and for all the other neat ideas.

  2. Hithere, thanks a lot for dropping me some lines! Will do my best to post more and more DIY in the near future!


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