As some of you might know BCOME started recently some website design.
Teaming up with Patrick Boos, a skilled Software Engineer, led to creating a webshop for pearls4girls, a pearl company with beautiful, fresh products.

BCOME was responsible for the webshop design, as well as the logo design, branding and the product photography.

As you can imagine, it was quite a lot of fun and challenging to get creative in such different ways >> web design, logo design, branding AND product photography, including the photo concept. The idea with the different colored paper was to give the young jewellery a calm but still modern and young background to look and sparkle even more beautiful. Suspending the earrings from the ceiling for the 'hanging' photos requested BCOMEs acrobatic talent, but the result rewarded for nearly falling from a chair. ;-)

Now that the work is done, the pearls4girls webshop is ready and officially launched!!! Feel free to check it out - XMas is coming up, so you may find something nice for your beloved ones!

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