Last weeks have been pretty busy, so here some news about the release of DJ Shinedoe, who started the project INTACTO AND WOMB FUNDRAISER: OUR HEART IS WITH JAPAN (INTAC032) 

As you may notice, the INTACTO team used the 心は共に logo, which will hopefully attract more people to take part in our project "sign of solidarity" for Tohoko, the North of Japan!

Digital Release: 8 June / Vinyl Release: 13 June
Label: Intacto Records facebook.com/intactorecords

On 11 March 2011, Shinedoe had planned to DJ at Club Womb in Tokyo.
She'll never forget the events and devastation that followed, nor will she forget the kindness of the local people who kept her safe and in good company during her days there.

As Oscar Wilde said "Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory" which is why Shinedoe has arranged this special Intacto release with all proceeds given to the Red Cross in an effort to try and ease some of the suffering in Japan.

ALL 7 TRACKS ARE FUNDRAISERS: The vinyl release comprises 2 tracks courtesy of Shinedoe and DJ Madskillz and compliments the digital compilation with an additional five fundraising tunes courtesy of Anton Pieete, Dave Ellesmere,
Itamar Sagi, Jerome Krom and Polder:

Kokorowatomoni - Shinedoe (vinyl & digital)
Burning - DJ Madskillz (vinyl & digital)
From the Hills - Anton Pieete (digital)
For Japan - Dave Ellesmere (digital)
Compassionate - Jerome Krom (digital)
Seven Bridges - Polder (digital)
Red Texture - Itamar Sagi (digital)

As well as the contributing artists who gave their time, energy and music, Shinedoe would like to thank Club Womb partnership for this fundraiser and to the "Kokorowatomoni" team for the artwork of their campaign.

Shinedoe also thanks the project team who supported her with this release:
Dylan Hermelijn - Intacto co-founder
Sandy Huner - Artwork & Design
Shirley Asafo-Adjei - Label Manager
Rhiannon Bryant - PR & Marketing

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