Arround 2:45 an incredible strong earthquake hit the Northern part of Japan, whith approximately a power of 8.9. In Tokyo this resulted in an earthquake with the strength of 5, which was already enough to let the ground and buildings shake so much that people, me included, where leaving the buildings.

In the North, in the Iwate prefecture and the Miyagi prefecture and the Fukushima prefecture a lot of people where not so fortunate to 'just' leave there houses and get off lightly. The earthquake and several tsunamis destroyed huge parts of the country and took peoples live.

Please let's think of all those who lost their beloved ones and whom this catastrophe took everything they had! 

While I am writing this, a small aftershock is moving the earth again ...

4 Kommentare:

  1. hello! the news has shocked me. watching the footage on tv makes me really sad. hope u are safe. take care.

  2. I'm very sad I'm also waiting for some news from my family. Take care.

  3. Dear angelica!
    Thank you very much for your kind message. It is really shocking ... now also a part of a nuclear plant has exploded, but the news on TV don't support us ... hopefully it won't be as bad as we are thinking right right now.

  4. Dear Sandra,
    Thank you very much for your mail - it is horrible ... no news ... here in Tokyo everthing seams surreal ... I hope your family is alright!! let's hope that everything will be alright.


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