Since Friday the 11th of March, the world has changed here in Japan. Although being beside the continues earthquakes not really effected by the catastrophe in Tohoku, the North of Japan, life is not what it has been before.

Work is of course going on, but due to the fact that I started with friends the project 心は共に to give the people in Tohoku a sign of solidarity, a lot of BCOME projects are right now on hold.

To show you that there is still a lot ongoing here in Japan, some photos which are taking on my volunteer trip with friends up in the North. Although we have seen a lot of photos of the by the tsunami hit areas, it is still surreal and unbelievable what has happened just 6 weeks ago. 
There is still a huge number of people living in rescue shelters and it will take years to restore what has been distroyed in just a couple of hours by nature.

We have shown a lot of people here in the North the website 心は共に and they said that they really appreciate this gesture of solidarity. So please support them and show them your support with uploading your photo on 心は共に!!

... heading now back to Kamaishi for 2 additional volunteering days.

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